Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Phenomenon of Our Generation

They have their critics and their fans. What's sure is that they have started a wave in the industry that can't be ignored. I like to think of them as the phenomenon of our generation. Each generation has one, Weiden/Kennedy, Chiat/Day, Doyle Dane Bernbach. This one is ours. I have had my reservations about some of the work but what I can't deny is that the work is smart. I like smart. So, I took a chance, following some good advice I left a job opportunity to take an internship at our very own CP+B. I intend to share some insights from my experience. Not breaking confidentiality, of course. I know that many advertising professionals are curious to know if the hype is real. Even I was curious to know how they sold their crazy ideas to their clients. So without giving away too much, I hope to make these next few posts an informative testimonial on what happens within the walls of our generation's advertising phenomenon.

•Photo proof of my association is shown above. My "Flop Flips".


jausetgoen said...

CP+B is one of the few advertising agencies run by an Art Director. And that is their key.

I'll expound later.

Becca said...

Good. I'm glad. We're all wondering what Hunter, Adrienne and Spencer are doing over there.