Monday, June 12, 2006

The Key Ingredient

I've come to believe that the key ingredient to the success of an advertising agency is confidence. At least that is why CP+B is doing so well. On their home page,, they refer to themselves as a factory, and that is exactly what they are. Every aspect of the agency is set up to create exceptional work. The process they use holds no prejudice to name or status. As you go through your day meeting people you'll find out that everyone is a believer. Everyone from the account side to the creative directors; from the media people to the interns—they all believe that nothing but the best creative work will come forth because of their contributions. The changes in the industry and emergence of new media are nothing of a scare here. In fact they are usually using the media before it becomes highly popularized. It's because the people here use this new media in their lives and are not scared to use it to talk to others like them. They are confident that the "Idea [truly] is Boss". I know many agencies claim this same motto but they probably don't realize that they aren't truly following it. They have fear. Fear of changing the structure of the creative department; fear of losing clients, or fear they may offend that old proud creative director. Joseph Jaffe, author of, Life After the 30–Second Spot, and voice of the Across the Sound podcast said, "Resistance to change is directly proportionate to what the old regime has to lose." I very much agree. After all it's easy to believe, "if it worked once why shouldn't it work again?" Wrong. Doing more of the same thing will only get you more of the same results, and if the results are not what you want, you need to change. I don't blame the agencies that want to change but don't know how. Well, I know I'm no authority, but begin with this thought. What should you fear most, taking a risk to keep up with new changes, or falling away completely?

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A little lofty, but I like it.