Friday, June 16, 2006

Technology in Advertising for Dummies

No, I don't mean to be offensive; I'm referring to how we all are learning how to use technology to convey advertising messages. I'm also referencing three projects that we can use to learn from; similar to how we use "(blank) for dummies" books. I'll start with the most impressive example first. uses live video feed from a VW Rabbit taxi cab. The cab driver has never been to NY and you as the viewer get to experience it all with him. This is an genius CP+B project that mixes new technology in a unobtrusive manner, and it's something more than just a website.

The second example is a videocast and minisite by Nike and Google. For those less familiar with videocasts, they are free downloadable video clips created and posted by anyone. This project is called Joga Bonito (Play Beautiful), and promotes the play of futbol, football, or soccer, with finesse. The amazing part is that it combines the great videocast with a minisite that allows you to join the Joga community. Joining gets you in contact with other soccer fanatics and gives you a personal Joga blog, which you can use to keep in contact with these fans. Visit iTunes to find the videocasts and to see the minisite.

The last example is another VW/CP+B project. If you go to you can customize a Jetta and crash it into various things. It is a fun way to use CGI in a educational manner and keep the severity of car accidents in a humorous tone.

After my last post I received a comment that I sounded a little lofty. Well, I agree. I did get a little high on a soapbox. However, I believe there is a drastic change that needs to occur in several dinosaur agencies. It doesn't make them wrong or stupid; the bigger the ship the longer it takes to change course. I felt that these few examples may be a good example of how admirable companies like VW and Nike are willing accepting these technological advances. Let's not fall behind. Let's lead the way as advertisers and embrace these great new media.

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