Monday, August 04, 2008


This is a side project I worked on over the summer of 2007. LIFELESS is a pilot series written and directed by David Sasich. I was initially asked to do the production design for the piece but didn't have the time available. Dave came back to me after the shooting had been completed and asked if I would design the title sequence, logo, website, press kit and other merchandise. LIFELESS is a story of survival, kind of a cross between a typical zombie horror and LOST. I wanted the design to convey the intensity of a thriller but still remain sophisticated enough for a LOST-loving audience. My answer to this was the blood splatter in black instead of red. This became an iconic theme that continued throughout all the promotional pieces. I spent many a day splattering black paint all over the place, especially during the shooting of the title sequence. On a side note, my hand is the one used in the title sequence.This turned out to be quite the side project and was more involved than the production design bit. But it was fun. I have displayed the title sequence and logo. The motion graphics were created by Tanner Christensen under my direction.

Past Illustration :: GREMLIN

Just a quick illustration for the fun of it. Pen and wash on watercolor paper.