Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mac vs. PC

I had to make mention of these ads. I get a kick out of the controversy that comes from the "Mac vs. PC" issue. I like them, probably because I relate to them in some way. I have had similar conversations before. However, I don't know if it is a good TV spot. Not because I'm afraid PC users will be a offended, I could careless. I just think that the reason for promoting this issue should be to get Mac users to be even more proud. It doesn't really get the mass audience to feel the same way that the Mac audience feels. Therefore, on apple.com is where it belongs.

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tlh444 said...

I like them; they're simple and direct and made me think about the advantages of mac vs PC and I didnt find them particularly offensive or harsh. As a PC user who has also had a Mac (ibook) I concurr that Mac has a lot of great advantages over the PC and these spots are very basic in their presentation of just a few of them. However, I still prefer the feel of a PC (especially my HP laptop) over macs when can feel a little cold and complex in their presentation and setup. It comes down to a matter of style and opinion but these spots do a great job at jumpstarting the question "why arent their more Mac users?"