Saturday, January 21, 2006

What's Inside Kevin Garnett?

A very fun, artistic spot released by Adidas for Kevin Garnett's new basketball shoe. The first time I saw it was on TV and the war scene caught my eye immediately. I kept thinking, "is that KG?" and then got the payoff when I saw the last scene. I like it, especially the juxtaposition of the quiet piano music. The name of the spot is "What's Inside." I like the title, even though it is similar to "Intel Inside." It hints to the character of the athelete and the thought that it's the athelete inside the shoe that matters.
Overall a pretty good combative move against the old LeBron James

Unfortunately I can't find a free viewing version on the web.
If you have an Ad Age login you can see it on the spots of the week.

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    Seth said...

    Here's a great idea! Put me on the list to go to the UAF luncheon next week!!