Friday, January 13, 2006

Mac Attack

I will submit my own opinion on this one.
The new spot launched during the MacWorld conference about the Intel chip. The spot is an obvious cut at the PC world; I quote, "Starting today the Intel chip will be set free and get to live life inside a Mac". Once again an ingenious spot for Apple. Why? well it's true that there is no real chance of Apple taking over the computer market, but in the eyes of the savvy consumer (the target audience) Apple just took the upper hand. Who cares if PC users get mad, who cares if Intel is upset. This ad is made to get Mac users to buy more Macs and be proud of it. Once Intel finds out how many of these chips their selling in Macs, because of Apple's marketing, their complaints will gradually become silent.

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    jausetgoen said...

    Shame on you Apple! First Lugz and now Postal Service. What next? Huh? "But it was the same director..." We've heard it all before. You got where you are by encouraging individuality. Do the same! THINK DIFFERENT!