Wednesday, March 08, 2006

VW Madness

Once again, CP+B has produced some very intriguing work. This time it is for one of advertising's greatest brands, Volkswagen. They are running two campaigns, "Fast" and "Un-pimp My Ride", both leave you with a reaction that Crispin Porter loves to create; the "What the...Chuckle, chuckle, No way did they just do that!" reaction. I'm occasionally skeptical about the CP+B work, especially when it involves musicals. However I have to admit I like the core message of these campaigns. The core message of the Fast campaign is that the GTI makes you want to drive fast. For the Un-pimp campaign it is that the GTI is already a pimped with stylish German engineering. Simple, True, and Memorable. My only concern is that it seems to clash with the VW advertising of the past. VW has such a longstanding reputation for intelligent and clean advertising. It's no question that the famous "Think Small" work of Bernbach is classic. Does this Fast really match the intelligence of Bernbach's work?

  • View the "Un-pimp" Campaign

  • View the "Fast" Campaign

    Becca said...

    VW in da house.

    Becca said...

    I mean, "V-Dub in da house."