Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, those ARE real bouncy balls!

Let's start with a big one. You've probably seen it before, from friends that thought they were the first to discover it. It's the "Colour Like No Other" spot for the Sony Bravia Television. The spot shows just how powerful it is to do something in reality verses creating it digitally. But just how powerful is it? Will this commercial be a hit to more than just advertisers or has it only put José Gonzáles in your iTunes?

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    Becca said...

    I don't claim to be the discoverer of the bouncy balls. But I do like it. It's beautiful. It's moving. I definitely hadn't heard of a Bravia before. Does that make it effective? I think so.

    And yes, I do have "Heartbeats" on my iTunes.

    And more recently, my iPod.

    jausetgoen said...

    Balls are bouncing. The music is helping you forget your worries and focus on the dancing colors. Everything is going fine and dandy, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a frog leaps out of a drain pipe onto the streets of San Francisco.

    What's with the frog? Does that seem random to anyone else?

    Good spot though. Kudos to Fallon London.

    Yancy said...

    i don't think the frog is random. Why don't I think that you might ask??? I don't know. I think because it helps to introduce the sense of life in the spot other than the balls. If there were no people on the sidewalks and looking through windows, etc. I think it would be missing something...almost feel void. The frog just adds another element of real life into the spot.

    PS - I think the whole thing is just beautiful. Did anyone watch the making of??? It's pretty interesting.

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