Monday, June 15, 2009


Sorry for confusing anyone with my last post. It was part of an experimental video I made a few months ago.
The video used blogs as an example of how everyone has become a "writer," and yet how professional writers still exist. In fact, talented professional writers have many opportunities, are in demand, and have a lot of power to wield these days. How is this phenomenon the same for Design and people who call themselves designers? I'd like to think it is very much the same. Still, Design has along way to go to become truly established as a discipline, and I hope that designers, not others, will be the ones laying the foundation.

I was quite satisfied with the video I produced on this subject. I created it with my computer, some code, and a bit of live performance. It makes my case in a much more poignant fashion. I hesitate to show it as a small embedded video. It is meant to be experienced on Mac at full-screen(you'll see why.) However, for the sake of getting it some kind of exposure I put it in this post.